About Marni Prince

Artist Statement

My work aims to express the beauty and energetic qualities of nature versus a literal expression. Energy is what connects us all and the main driving force in the universe. It can be elusive as it is unseen to the eye and therefore it’s presence and influence is easily forgotten. I like to explore the concept that what we see is only a small piece of the story behind our experiences and interactions.

I primarily use acrylic, alcohol ink and resin for creating intuitively. This combination of mediums is unique, offering interesting textures, high shine and water-like appearance. Resin and alcohol inks have a life of their own and can be difficult to control, so it is more like a conversation. They tell me where they want to flow and I meet them there, so I may start with an idea, but don’t really know how things will end up until I get there. It is a great metaphor for life and teaches me to trust the process, connect with my intuition and learn to live more comfortably in the unknown.

My influences are the landscapes in Maine, my yoga and meditation practices. I use a variety of tools, including straws, where I literally breathe life (otherwise known as prana) into my paintings. Therefore, each piece is deeply personal and infused with my own energy and love of creation.


I was born and raised in the Catskill region of New York. I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Fine arts and Photography. I have enjoyed a successful career as a web/product designer for 20 years working for advertising agencies, leading design teams, and directly consulting with large consumer brands such as Saturn, TripAdvisor, Liberty Mutual, Zipcar and more. In recent years I have returned to my original love of art and painting working in both Acrylic and Alcohol Inks. In recent years I have abandoned the fast paced city life and moved to Yarmouth, Maine with my husband where we can enjoy the beautiful rocky coast and less traffic! My work is in private collections and has been exhibited throughout New England.